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Sound Acoustics is dedicated to building the finest audio products in the world. When we say “the finest audio products in the world”, we mean that we do not cut corners on any part of the design or manufacturing process. We spend an extraordinary amount of time messing around with every detail to bring you a product that we are very proud of. In short we fuss over
everything, so that you don't have to. That's Sound Acoustics.

We do this because we love audio. Sound Acoustics chief audio designer and visionary is a musician and a recording engineer with over 35 years of experience creating and perfecting sound. From large room acoustics to commercial paging and background music systems in malls or arenas, to mixing rock bands and cutting Cd's (remember those?) we've done it all. We started in the business when 8 track and vinyl were the norm. Now were all grown up. Digital audio/video and networking ha
ve replaced tape and record players and Sound Acoustics is on the cutting edge.

Sound Acoustics was born in 1995 as a speaker company and has been designing and building products since then to serve the wholesale and retail A/V markets.

Sound Acoustics headquarters
are located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, where the mountains meet the sea. Our state of the art headquarters are where all Sound Acoustics products are designed and tested. We also have a second facility in Taiwan where our full time engineering and logistics staff are located. Finally, our factories are located in Canada and China. All our products are produced in our factories, where quality control is managed by our very own staff.

Sound Acoustics employees are a dedicated bunch of creative individuals that love music, outdoor sports, dogs, clean air and wicked amplifiers and speakers. Our carbon footprint is as small as humanly possible. Heck, we keep our lights off in the day, we recycle everything and we adhere to RoHS standards on all our products. Don't be surprised if you receive recycled shipping material to cradle your products when they are shipped. We don't throw anything away! Ties are optional, jeans and shorts are mandatory! We love what we do and we know you will love our products.

The Sound Acoustics Team



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